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:iconspectacular-liveson: :iconspider-manstories:
Akira is a six issue volume running form 1982-1990, it was adapted into a hit Animed film in 1988 and has a huge cult falling.  with the Live action remake that a lot of people didn;t ask for got me wondering, since a lot of people are pissed off with anything that isn't Katsuhiro Otomo's Masterpiece [or the film] everyone gets pissed. So here is how I would remake it, also I cannot STRESS THIS: "This is my incarnation and while being 95% faithful to the source material, like all adaption's there are a few changes going to be made, also SPOILERS form the manga and Film.

My incarnation is a six episode mini series animated reinvention of the manga. Each episode follows each volume.

The changes I'd make are the following:
- Tetsuo doesn't turn into a giant fetus creature [it keeps reminding me of the trapper keeper episode of south park, so now its a mechanical-Organic Squid-like monster of Godzilla like proportions]
- Everyone speaks mostly Japanese, English is a second language to everyone in Neo Toyko.
- We see more about the world and the events of WWIII have on everyone.
- When Espers control people they're eyes turn a cool bright blue.
- Espers don't have blue skin, they do have Very long hair with green tint skin and blue hair.
- A little more character development would be spent with Kenada,Tetsuo, and we see what happens to everyone during the "in between moments"

and finally the run time for each episode is around 3 hours and sixteen minutes.

Episode title(s) :
"inclining Power"
"Brave New World"

So thats that. What do you guys think of my incarnation of Akira? How would you guys remake Akira?
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