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just some of my favorite things


Lumiose City by Rennko
by Rennko

The starling contrast with a lovely color palette. This art just screams beauty and passion for the world,city, and pokemon. I love how...

The Superior Spiderman by TheBFG121

While i'm not a huge fan of SpOck. I do love the design of his costumes, and some story elements. However the inking Job, Pose, action,...

Spider-Man Vs Doctor Octopus by emmshin
by emmshin

This is a F@#king epic piece! the colors,style, saturation and effect with the poses have a lot of nice detail as well as show casing B...

legend of link by evelmiina

What Can I honestly say about this picture? its CUUUUUUTE!! honestly I can see an animated series with this design for Link, its consis...


:iconspectacular-liveson: :iconspider-manstories:
I'm here and there popping around. using an old shitty computer thats breaking down.  Anyways jsut to let you all know i'm not going to be around that much longer on ehre. i'll pop in once in a while until i get a good computer agian so maybe oct. or next year idk.  just giving you all an update.

other interesting things: this is a really interesting letter that  gaming community has annocue to its community about some H word I never herd of before:…

my personal Honest opinion on the matter is this "look I know a bunch of you moron's don;t like Anita or a lot of these designers. However while your opinion is your opinion, attacking these people constantly doesn't make you look cool or awesome but poorly childish and  quit frankly a nimrod. Example for me is while I don't agree with Anita S. most of the time she does bring up some good arguments and questions about the tropes that are in play. tropes that are slowly breaking down and causing some of you to actually think and talk about and debate these issues. I Think thats the whole point, at least form my understanding. you don't have to like me, or think i;m right, or agree with me, hell  as long as it sparks something good in the world to talk about then fine. However I don;t personally know any of these people so whose to say about all of our quick judging that we all are aware of doing. We should start fresh, maybe and give everyone a chance and keep an open mind about it. Can we do that and respect others? Theres a difference between passion and bullying. Respect and love."

other news,  was in the hospital for a while but i;m A-OKAY nOW GUYS.  :3

APPERENTLY THE FLASH IS GOING TO HAVE gorilla Grodd in the season at least form what I herd. [does that mean the legion of doom and gaiganta are not far behind? well we see aJLA Team-up with the arrowverse's own version? and Ra's is coming :3 so psyched for season 3!!]

I also saw GoTG [it was AWESOME, my only real issue was the pacing], TMNT [it was okay, not as good as gaurdians, however if you love TASM 1 and like the seterotypes of the turtles and Baysplosions, then found your perfect summer movie.] and finally the giver with jeff bridges, it had an interesting ascetic, also theres a guy who looks like the winter soilder. 

hope y'all are safe and healthy see you down the road or whenever.
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Just a very creative guy in the world, ask me anything and join me on the adventures through some up coming projects.

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Thank you so much for the watch and the kind comment on my profile. :)
Steamland Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Student General Artist
you are welcome Guinevere! you ha e so much amazing potenial and i really enjoy them.
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aw thank you,oh and jenna i;m going to SDCC, if I See vic do you ro any other RR whoc an;t make have any questions you want me to ask him?
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Cool, have fun! ^O^
Steamland Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Student General Artist
thanx and vic says hello.
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Astonishing Kendrick Urgena (Old-School Raimi): Money In The Spider-Bank
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hey thar :D how are you?
pokemon-weirdo Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
my main account got suspended
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